Save your freezer with the anti-dust filtering net

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anti-dust filtering net
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Date: Oct. 21st, 2019            Author: Jason Xie
Without permission, please do not forward or copy the content for commercial purpose. LVNI reserves the rights of claims for the Original Copyright.

Save your freezer with the anti-dust filtering net

Stop damaging the compressor! You might don’t know that you’re gradually consuming the compressor’s life. Why do I say so? Before we start talking about it, please recall that how many times did you ever clean and maintain the freezer? All machines are required to do maintenance, cars, computers, phones, watches, even stones, jewelry.

We always liken a compressor to a heart of a human. Its states represent health level and remind us that we should take care of it off our own bat. The food we eat through our mouths can profoundly influence our hearts. The same meaning to the compressor, well, the condenser is like the mouth.
The condenser’s working method is using a fan to cool it down. By sucking wind reversely, the air with dust & fragments hits straight to the condenser. As long as the fan runs, the condenser will have more and more dirty fragments covering on the surface.
The consequence is cooling performance is getting worse day by day. The even worse thing is to burn the compressor because the temperature of the storage room goes down too slow to reach the ideal temp, which will keep the compressor running for a very long time.

Easily imagine that if the heart is dead, what will a human be? So keep regular cleaning on the condenser is a very crucial job. Most of the condensers are running naked without any protection. The dirty things on the surface are difficult to get rid of. Listening to our customers, and bring new contraptions to solve problems is the responsibility we carry on. The LVNI anti-dust filtering net is born to kill this terrible issue.
A simple, visible & easy-cleaning design net attached to the outer surface of the condenser. First, it’s obvious to see whether the dust is getting thick, to tell you that you shall take care of it. Second, you don’t need to detach the whole panel to clean the condenser (most of the others don’t have the net, the condensers are naked inside the box). For LVNI, just take the net off, and use water to rinse the dust off, if there is oil compound, adding some neutral detergent. Third, dry the net, then put it back. A simple design can save you a lot of time!

By the way, it does not only help you do well & save your time but also save your money. As you know, the compressor works longer will definitely cost a higher electricity bill. Meanwhile, you’re saving the earth by giving your contribution. A simple design brings you a more economic & green life.

To cap it all, save your money and the freezer with the help of our new craft. Let’s build up a better world with all of us giving our contribution.

Without permission, please do not forward or copy the content for commercial purpose. LVNI reserves the rights of claims for the Original Copyright.