How do Direct Cooling & Fan Cooling system work on freezer

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Date: Sept. 27th, 2019    Author: Jason Xie

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How do Direct Cooling & Fan Cooling system work

There are so many merchandises and websites out there. The frequent words you might see are fan cooling system, air cooling system, ventilated cooling system, no frost (frost-free) system, direct cooling system, static cooling system, and so on... What do they represent?


The last 2 words are the same thing -- direct cooling system. The rest of the words mean the same thing -- fan cooling system. Before I depict the details for the fan cooling, please allow me to make an introduction about how the refrigeration unit works.


The machine makes cool is generated by the circular working system -- the compressor unit. Literally, the gas refrigerant is compressed by the compressor, becomes a high pressure gas. Then it goes into the condenser, sobers into a high pressure liquid. After it goes through the choke valve, it becomes low pressure liquid flowed into the evaporator. The evaporator is the element that absorbs the heat from the storage room, making cool. After all, the low pressure gas flows back into the compressor, then takes another round. (Check fig. 1)


 (Fig. 1)


Direct Cooling System:

Direct cooling system is a very familiar system we had known. Home Type refrigerators, some commercial type freezers. We all know that theyre very quiet and economic when its working. But its drawback is obvious though, in the freezer room, we can see the wall got frozen -- a big frost, as time goes, it could get bigger and bigger. Not it only wastes room, but also costs higher power consumption. Besides, we need to manually wash it off or sober it off under the power is off. Imagine if you need to clean it very often... Well, this situation is due to its system, the cooling element, the evaporator is lied in the freezers walls, it makes cool by exchanging heat through the walls inside the tank. (Fig. 2) In this way the walls will have condensation water. Aftermath is that the water will be frozen because of the low temp. (Fig. 3)

(Fig. 2) (Fig. 3)


Fan Cooling System - No Frost System:

Well, people surely dont want to waste the limited room for frost. Fan cooling system is likely to take place of direct cooling type. The most different advance craft is it gathers the evaporator instead, exchanging heat with air, then using a fan to blow the cool air into the tank, and bringing out heat air from another outlet. It profoundly increases the efficiency. Save time, and save more freshness. The AC is a typical representative. It cools a whole room with high speed.

No frost is its another advantage. Well, you might know this type of freezer has a function call defrosting. Actually, the machine as well has frost, but its not inside the room, its on the evaporator. Theres a heating coil melting it automatically.


How do LVNI Fan-Cooling freezers do?

We all know that fan cooling system also has frost on the evaporator, what if the defrost system cant deal with it? Then it will cause ice-block issue at the air outlet. Blocking cooling route, the freezer looks like that its dead. It definitely takes you a day to sober it off before you can get the machine work. Otherwise, you might damage the compressor seriously.


What we dedicated to is for this issue, were honored with the patent from the government to acknowledge our invention. No frost anymore happened in the outlet since ever.


Without permission, please do not forward or copy the content for business purpose. LVNI reserves the rights of claim for the Original Copyright.